Kamille-Maskina (60g) & Kamille-Hydrolina - DIY Combo für EMPFINDLICHE und GEREIZTE Haut

Kamille-Maskina (60g) & Kamille-Hydrolina - DIY Combo für EMPFINDLICHE und GEREIZTE Haut

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Meet your new favorite combo for sensitive and irritated skin - Chamomile Maskina & Bio Chamomile Water - Hydrolina by InaEssentials!

About the product:

Designed with care and an eye for the details, composed of natural ingredients and enriched with skin-loving plants. This gentle Maskina is the perfect ritual for self-care appreciation, for those moments of “Me - time”, when you feel like treating yourself right. 

We distil our 100% Organic Chamomile Water - Hydrolina from a primary steam distillation of fresh, recently cultivated herbs. This is how InaEssentials' 100% Organic Chamomile Water reaches the unique quantitative content of pure chamomile essential oil of 0.07% - the highest content available on the market!

This one-of-a-kind combination provides intense natural treatment for problematic skin. 

Why InaEssentials' Chamomile Maskina & 100% Organic Chamomile Water - Hydrolina combo?

✔️ Our Organic Chamomile water - Hydrolina has strong moisturizing and regenerating properties. It soothes eczemas, dermatitis conditions, bites, rashes and skin irritations;

✔️The chamomile from our family's never-ending organic yellow fields is the perfect remedy for sensitive and problematic skin. It soothes down puffiness, regulates the excess sebum and accelerates wound healing.

✔️The turmeric will gently take care of all scars and little pigmentation spots while securing your skin with the most majestic natural glow.

✔️The lemon peels pull out the dirt from the skin and get rid of the dead skin cells to give you smooth skin.

✔️Kaolinite sets the perfect foundation for a real detox and full pleasure straight from the nature.

Create a feeling of well-being and stress relief, while taking care of yourself and your beautiful skin. Let our Chamomile Maskina center the body and mind. Just relax, breathe and enjoy…

What to expect:

1st use: The skin is visibly cleaned from impurities and dead skin cells. The skin is calm and soft with a smoother texture.
7-14 days: With continuous use the calming effect of the Chamomile Maskina lasts longer. The skin is less irritated and inflammation is reduced. Due to the combination of Chamomile, Curcuma and Prebiotic skin regeneration and healing ability is stimulated.
15-21 days: After less than a month of regular use the healing effects of the Chamomile Maskina are fully felt. The face is not irritated and scars are reduced. The skin barrier is stronger and its natural ability to regulate inflammation is regenerated leading to a beautiful and glowing look. Enjoy your best skin ever!

How to use

Mix 1tbsp of the powder with a controlled amount of InaEssentials Chamomile water - Hydrolina until making a thin paste. Apply a thin to medium layer on a pre-cleansed dry face. Allow the maskina to sit on the skin for 7-15 min, depending on your skin condition. Rinse off with warm water, finish with cold water to close the pores, and apply InaEssentials’ Chamomile water - Hydrolina to tone up the skin, if needed.

 **This mask is specifically designed to complement InaEssentials' Chamomile water - Hydrolina. It will probably work with other liquids as well, but for guaranteed results – use it with InaEssentials 😊


Ingredients 100% Organic Chamomile Water - Hydrolina /INCI/: Chamomilla Matricaria floral water

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Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit meiner Bestellung🫶🏼♥️

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Produkte sehen und riechen unglaublich aus;
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Alles, was ein Kunde will, 10/10⭐️ Ich würde InaEssentials 🌱 empfehlen.


Das Paket kam, während ich auf der Arbeit war. Eine wunderbare Überraschung!


Meine Tochter ist mit Maskina und Kamillenwasser zufrieden.

O. H.
Sehr angenehm

Ich habe die Maske heute zugeschickt bekommen und gleich ausprobiert.Ich habe fettige und bevor ich das Lavendelwasser genutzt habe,auch unreine, aber auch sehr empfindliche Haut. Ich wollte einen erneuten Versuch mit der Kamillenmaske wagen,denn sonst bekomme ich von aufzutragenen Masken ein total rotes und brennendes Gesicht.Sogar teilweie von Crememasken.
Aber mit der Maske ist es anders.Mein Gesicht brannte nicht und nachdem ich die Maske abgewaschen habe,hatte mein Gesicht eine normale Hautfarbe.Sehr zu empfehlen,da ich auch ein angenehmes Hautgefühl hatte.Ich bin wirklich begeistert.Einwenig teuer finde ich die trotzdem.